Step 1 - Request an Appointment

Request a no-obligation consultation with our team via our appointments page, email or Instagram.
These appointments can take place in our Belgravia Atelier or a location of your choice.⁣

Step 2 - A Private Fitting⁣

Taking time to fully understand your needs, wants and personal style we guide you through the various cloths, lining and buttons options
before identifying what pieces you are interested in. ⁣

Step 3 - First Fitting ⁣

4 weeks later you are invited for your first fitting where Your dress or separates will be made up in your chosen cloth and you will see it start to come to life,
half made up where we can adjust the pattern before final changes are made. Our skilled Artisans then finish your design based on all final
measurements and begin to add the beautiful finishing touches such as pockets, button holes and embroidery. ⁣

Step 4 - Final Fitting⁣

A further two weeks, you will be invited for your final fitting in the location of your choice. Here we make any last tweaks and adjustments
if needed before you collect your final piece.