Luxury Upcycle

What does upcycle even mean?
Well, it is the method of
taking old, worn out or damaged clothing and transforming them into brand new pieces.

As an advocate for sustainability, I live by the importance of investing in lifelong luxury, whether it's a timeless, classic wardrobe staple or the hottest accessory, I want to make sure I am helping my clients lengthen the life cycle of their pieces. As the first leading innovator within luxury after wear, we are proving how integral post-purchase services are as we champion sustainability and discourage throw-away culture. I have therefore introduced our new sustainable luxury upcycling  service.

We can upcycle your luxury Chloe trousers into a pair of shorts, your husband's shirts into blouses or shirt dresses, your Saint Laurent blazer into a gilet and add a waist belt to cinch your waist, remove old lining from your old jackets and reline with new silk lining
and any excess fabric from these pieces can be made into a hairband or hair bow to match your new pieces.
The ideas are endless so get in touch so we can turn your beautiful pieces that have been hanging in your closet for years into new loved items.